The 13 Most Useless College Majors (As Determined By Science)

Social media - e.g. the internet - seems to be humming on the energy and creativity of the individuals educated by “useless college majors.”


1. Fine Arts

2. Drama and Theatre ArtsΒ 

3. Film, Video, and Photographic Arts

4. Commercial Art and Graphic Design

5. Architecture

6. Philosophy and Religious Studies

7. English Literature and Language

8. Journalism

9. Anthropology and Archeology

10. Hospitality Management

11. Music

12. History

13. Political Science and Government

(Ed: Your primary tumblrs majored in two of these and now work in the field of a third.)


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    Heh. Almost everyone I know majored in one of these, including me
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    Sammy, dear, don’t fret. No single person could but a measure of monitory value on your happiness. No scientist could...
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    This list makes me sad because those are all the things i’m considering
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    Bringing this back for the commentary because Yahoo education made this bullshit article.
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    Omg Econ is 13th on the most useful list. If you’re majoring in some sort of Business…it’s best to go with either...
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    I’d add general Business Management/Administration to the list
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    oh wow! i see they hate the art and arts… but oh wait architecture too?! these people are bonkers
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    I get why when it comes down right about science
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    Uselessness is not determined by a college major, but how you use it. There are several more practical major choices...
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    Yay! I managed to major in BOTH the 2nd useless and 9th useless University majors! I’m going straight to the top. The...
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